3 Simple Tips to Write a Impressive Essay while Preventing Plagiarism

3 Simple Tips to Write a Impressive Essay while Preventing Plagiarism

06:12 28 October in Old Posts

The quality of an essay depends on many factors. Along with gathering and presenting information in the right format, a student also needs to ensure that the content is not plagiarized. Normally, plagiarism occurs when a student uses the words, sentences or ideas written by another person as part of the essay.

The advancement in technologies has made it easier for evaluators and readers to identify plagiarized content. So you must avoid plagiarizing by keeping track of your sources. Further, you have to cite the sources while quoting or paraphrasing them to prevent plagiarism. When you attribute the content not written by yourself, it will be easier for avoid plagiarism.


Tips to Avoid Plagiarism while Writing an Essay

1) Keep Track of Your Sources

You have to gather information from both online and offline sources on a specific topic to write a quality essay. While collecting information, it is important to keep track of each and every source. You must write down the title, author or publisher of the article, blog or journal. Also, you have to note down the book, magazine or website that you are collecting the information from. Before copying sentences or quotes from the research material, you must remember to mention the source.

2) Use Quotation Marks

You also need to understand some of the common ways to quote your research paper. Normally, quotation marks are used around the sentences being quoted directly from the research text. The quotation marks also differentiate between the original and quoted content. However, you must write or quote the sentences as written by the writer exactly without making any alterations. Further, the quote needs to be cited by writing the last name of the writer, along with exact information to find the quote.

3) Cite Your Sources Clearly

While paraphrasing, you are required to cite your sources. However, you are not required to use quotation marks while summing up or paraphrasing others’ ideas in your own word. It is also important to document the source of a particular idea. But you have to mention the name of the author along with the page number of the paraphrased material, if you decide to paraphrase his ideas. The information can be mentioned at the end of your sentences, and within parentheses. You can further learn the art of parenthetical documentation to avoid plagiarism.

It is always important to write the content in your own words. Sometimes the essay altered or modified by another person can constitute plagiarism. However, you can always consider refer to several write my essay tips and instructions to avoid plagiarism.