4 Simple Criterions to Decide the Price of Article Writing Service

4 Simple Criterions to Decide the Price of Article Writing Service

05:06 10 September in Old Posts

With major online search engines updating their search algorithms frequently, it has become essential for business to promote their websites through fresh and high quality content. As most companies do not have a team of in-house content writer, they often have to purchase good content. The quality of the content always depends on the writing skills and expertise of the writer. Also, the prices of good content vary according to the quality of the article writing services. If you are planning to buy web content to promote your online business, it is a good idea to understand how to determine the price of the best article writing service.


  1. Determine Your Content Requirements: When you are buying content for your digital marketing campaign, it becomes essential to decide the length of the article along with the topic. Normally, writers charge based on the length or word count of the article. You must keep the article length within 500 words to easily keep the website visitors engaged and convey the desired message.
  2. Nature of the Topic: The price of an article will also vary according to its subject matter. If the topic selected by you in technical in nature or require additional research, the writer will charge more. So you must evaluate the nature and types of content required to promote your business.
  3. Quality of Writing: The price of the content will also vary based on the writing skills and expertise of the writer. If the writer has expertise on writing high quality content on the topic, he will charge more. It is also a good idea not to compromise of the quality and readability of the article by paying a lower price. For instance, you cannot get high quality content by paying $1 or $2 per article.
  4. Ask for Quotes: It is always important to ask the content writer to write a sample article. Most article writers try to impress clients by offering free sample articles. You can share the topic of your choice, and ask the writer to provide a sample. After comparing the sample articles written by different writers, you can shortlist the writers. Now you can ask the writer to send you quotes based on your web content requirements. You can even consider retaining the article writing service to negotiate for lower prices.

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