Distance and Rate Algebra Problem

Distance and Rate Algebra Problem

15:38 04 December in Old Posts

A 150 mile trip is driven at R miles per hour. The same trip would take 2 hours less if you increase the speed by 20 mph. What is R? I have tried R=150/t
R=150/t-2 (150/t+2=150/t-2).t(t-1)= 150t-150t+2t2-2t= t2-t-150=0 = (t+2)(t+75)and that is as far as I get because I know that that is not right.

If increased by 20 the speed will be x+20
Subtract the increase speed by the normal speed respect to the distance = time.


Simplfy that and you get 2 solutions:

x=-50 and x=30

Remove the negative

Hence, the normal speed (R) is 30mph

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