Exploring The Murky World Of Online Class Taking Firms

Exploring The Murky World Of Online Class Taking Firms

05:27 15 October in How To's, MOOC's, Online Class, Research

As technology has taken over the world of education by storm, massive instances of cheating have arisen. It has become rather easy for students, who are taking online classes or utilizing the Internet to do their assignments and take their exams, to be able to utilize the Internet to find information and answers that can help them get better scores. However, has this practice been one step further and the entire service of taking classes outsourced to outside companies?

In the hopes of discovering additional information about this practice, I wanted to determine how difficult it would be to find someone willing to take a class for me and how much it would cost. I took to Google and put in several search terms. Inputting the search terms “take my online class,” “pay someone to take my online class,” “online class,” “online class help,” and “take my online math class for me,” I received consistent results that gave me multiple options of companies that are willing to take classes for online students. What I found surprising was that there was a rather large range of prices, but the services that were provided were very similar. Students could choose from only having their exams and select assignments done by the company, to receiving the full service package, where they do not even have to log into the classroom portal even once throughout the entire semester.

I chose to further pick one particular company, which for the purposes of this experience, will be called Company ABC, which, via its website, purported itself to help students with classes in a wide realm of subjects and educational levels. The company’s website was crowded with various claims from previous students that have utilized the company’s website, along with listings of the services that the company provides. The website made contacting with its customer service representative easy, as a chat window popped up in one of the corners of the web browser. Posing as a college senior with a calculus class, I typed in the specifics of the class, answered a couple of questions, and was given a price quote, along with several payment options. However, I further researched the company online, and found some unfavorable reviews and claims from students, who stated that the company attempted to exhort additional payment from them and blackmailed them with threats of informing the college or university of the cheating. These were somewhat balanced, by favorable reviews and opinions regarding the services that they paid for, however, it was hard to determine if these claims were not actually published by the company in question, or its representatives.

I next took my search to individuals that were willing to take classes for other students for payment, and found several portals where individuals advertised these services. I isolated several individuals to obtain more information about the service from and initiated contact. While several of the individuals did not come across as honest and trustworthy, as they did not care too much about the class specifics and inquired several times regarding payment, two of the individuals merited further interest. They both provided me with their personal email addresses and willingly sent me several samples of their work, along with the types of classes that they have taken in the past, and the universities at which each of the classes was offered. This provided me with additional assurance that they would actually do well in the class.

Overall, the search that I did showed that there are plenty of companies and individuals that are wiling to take online classes for other students. Even though many of the companies seemed very shady and did not inspire a feeling of trust, the services that individuals provided appeared to be worth looking further into. There is certainly a high degree of risk that is associated with paying someone to take online classes for the student, but if the student can find someone reliable and trust worthy, then it may be worth the risk, as the associated benefits would be high and rewarding.