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So wait.. Paying someone to take my classes is an actual possibility now?

Take My Online Class For Me? Yes!

We are essentially a service born of a dire need to counter the hypocrisy prevalent in academia today. At the core of our services is our: take my online class service – through which we help students who are enrolled in courses by taking their online classes for them, and getting them perfect scores in those classes. From university courses to classes offered by private providers-we can take your online class for you, unlike any other company out there. We are a group of undergraduate and graduate students presently attending some of the most revered academic institutions in America. As we grew tired of seeing the many ways by which “academic assistance” is accepted and encouraged in even the most prestigious classes at the best schools we came to the conclusion that the farce was actually pure economics in action. Wealthier students who had the resources at their disposal always employed much sought after, highly private, by-reference-only educational assistance firms to take online classes, write essays, do assignments and more – so right out of the bat students who couldn’t afford to pay someone to take classes and do their work for them were at a significant competitive disadvantage. To even the odds and help out masses we decided to make available the best academic assistance services – take my online class, write my essay for me, take my online test, do my course for me, and more, with a process driven approach, focussing on speed and transparency, with low prices and high quality. Our team is comprised of PhD’s, MBA’s and Doctoral students with specialties in Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, Accounting and Business from America.

Can I Really Pay Someone To Take My Online Class For Me? YES!

Actually, we’ll do you better. Much better. At present there are no publically available academic assistance services that are reliable, or function with attention to detail or quality. Most online class help firms are run by scammers, based out of 3rd world countries, these firms hire low wage, poorly educated temporary workers who have no experience with the American education system. Working with such firms will likely get you kicked out of your class, or get your essay flagged for plagiarism rather than get you that perfect grade you need.

We can help you with your Online Classes by:

  • Taking any online classes or online courses you need taken.
  • Taking online tests, online quizzes and doing your online class homework for you.
  • Writing perfect academic papers and essays, with a no-plagiarism-or-don’t-pay guarantee.
  • Editing and proofreading essays or papers to ensure perfect grades.
  • Adding references in specific academic styles to essays and papers.
  • Providing you access to the best class experts and consultants 24×7 – we are here for you.
  • Payment installment plans and easy deferment options – we understand that you are a student.
  • Offering you peace of mind and confidentiality with a non-disclosure agreement (from an actual law firm).

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