Our Ethos

A breakdown of No Need To Study’s organizational ethos. An attempt to explain our motivation for relentlessly striving to (and succeeding at) becoming the best online class help and academic assistance service in America. AKA a hyper rational amoral philosophical defense of our indefensible actions. AKA what allows us to sleep at night.

No Need To Study and its employees are committed to helping students across the United States-we want our ideas, beliefs and effort to work together in congruence so that we shape the world and help make a better, less hypocritical, more equanimous tomorrow.  As a lot of the people who interact with us seem to be very curious about our ethos and our philosophy we felt it best to officially state it out loud with its very own dedicated paged. As we’re (ostensibly) rational, logical and intelligent people our regular clients and often times the media openly ponder why we do what we do as opposed to say expend our efforts to cure cancer or pioneer autonomous transport solutions. First lets frame the basis: what we do, although broad in scope can be captured in simple detail-we take classes online for students, take tests on their behalf, write academic papers, do discussion boards, take quizzes, do discussion boards, create projects, write essays, come up with term papers – all so that our clients don’t have to. In essence we’re an academic assistance company to whom students can outsource their coursework so as to get themselves perfect grades with minimal effort and cost outlays. Now, the important part-why do we do what we do. What motivates us to help students by taking their online classes, writing their essays, taking their tests, doing their assignments… Isn’t what No Need To Study does:

  1. Fundamentally unfair.
  2. Just plain wrong.
  3. Serve to undermine the integrity of the burgeoning online education movement.
  4. Fallacious and dangerous for humanity as it helps students get degrees and certificates for classes they paid someone else to take.

Okay, now that all that has been laid out we immediately regret having started this dialog. The CHEATMOOC crowd must have rejoiced. The reality of the situation is slightly different from how it appears. Allow us to address the very valid arguments that have been raised to frame our ethos.

01. Why No Need To Study Isn’t Fundamentally Unfair.

So a service that allows students to pay for and not do their work can possibly be misconstrued as being unfair, yes, that is true-it can mistakenly be seen us such. But take a moment and think, don’t people with the means to pay always have an advantage in everything they do? Isn’t that one of the primary motivations for why people fetishize and work so hard for money? It would be unfair not to say that society has allowed it to become an accepted fact that those who can pay will always have an edge over those who can’t. And as such No Need To Study is merely fundamental market economics in action. Plus, we are pretty efficiently priced so almost anyone can afford our service. Now the we’ve established that it isn’t unfair to the less moneyed, let’s explore if No Need To Study is unfair to the less morally flexible- if all the people you’re competing against, not just in your class or college but in the world have an edge in that they use academic assistance firms then will you by forcing yourself to take your online classes, write your own essays and such be at a disadvantage to your competition? Yes, you inevitably will. So all else being equal, the ball is in your court on this one, succeed or fail. What would your parents want? As a great man (Bertrand Russell) once said: “life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.”

02. No, No Need To Study Is Not Just Plain Wrong.

Some people have a difficult time with certain subjects in a course, some students need more time than others (time which online classes unfortunately remain inflexible on) on tests and writing assignments, sometimes certain students needs more guidance than they let on. Oftentimes people are forced to sit for and take online classes and write essays for courses they have no real interest in taking yet they still take it as they lack any real choice in the matter. Heck, some of our clients come to us because their parents will cut them off if they don’t complete certain classes online. So, what is the generally accepted definition for plain wrong? For the people who enjoy the luxury of choices because of nothing they’ve done themselves (lucky ahem sperm ahem club) it is easy to call out students who rely on us to get classes, essays, quizzes, tests, discussion boards, assignments, projects, lab work completed as as morally challenged, and portray them as destroyers of humanity when the truth is students who work with us are merely people who face harsh realities and take decisive decisions.

03. How No Need To Study Serves To Strengthen Integrity Of Online Courses.

We at No Need To Study fear that in its present form academia has reached an inflection point and with this everything is essentially going to change. From companies that now rely on multipart, battery of interviews to verify a job candidates credentials to endemic grade inflation that is condoned from the top down make it so that the best students inevitably get the short end of the stick as less brighter students get equally (or possibly even higher grades), students who pass out at different periods also end up at a huge disadvantage with the rapid deterioration of standards the academic ecosystem now allows for.  Suffice it to say, gifted students and those who put in more effort find themselves at an unfair disadvantage; as such this has hamstrung humanity (as the best minds don’t get employed to solve the toughest problems- more on this later). So the status quo is dangerously inadequate but the educational industrial complex depends on the survival of this dangerously flawed system, inevitably they do all they can to keep the system in place regardless of the damage it does to humanity in the process. How does one change the status quo? Well, we don’t intend to change the status quo.

04. Academic Assistance Firms Are Not A Danger To Humanity.

Although we’re the No. 1 academic assistance services firm in America, we’re not the only academic assistance firm in the United States. We serve to bring order, efficiency, reliability and systematic processes to a market that is soon approaching failure. But wait, unlike everywhere else failure here is a good thing. As market failure inevitably overtakes academia, the entrenched system and the individuals who sustain it at the cost of human progress will be forced to accept change, this only happens if the current edifice falls and fails spectacularly. No Need To Study protects the customers and works on clients’ behalf with our online class taking services, online test taking services, discussion board assistance services, quiz help services, academic paper writing services, project completing services and more – yes. But we do it in a way that students who use us aren’t going to go out in the world and do any actual damage, our no med school policy and such were created specifically with this in mind. At the core of our philosophy (read: stuff people use to keep doing what they feel like doing) is the understanding that we are working to make academia antifragile (not that we’re fans of Nassim Taleb), the concept and framework of antifragile systems perfectly captures the scenario that is playing out in academia now.

So where do we go from here: If you’re interested in class taking services or one of our other specialty academic assistance services then get more information about it and reach out to us. If you find yourself in disagreement with our ethos, or feel that its validity is open to questioning then we can accept that, certainty is something we are terrified of, one must never be too certain of anything as one never can be- a maxim we follow. Feel that No Need To Study is the bees knees and wonder what other incredible services will come about with time? Then check out our blog.

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