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Smart People. Great Ideas. Hard Work. Extraordinary Results. Happy Clients. We are No Need To Study, the premier online class help and academic assistance provider in America. We help clients by taking classes, writing essays, taking tests, doing quizzes, writing papers, doing discussion boards, taking MyMathLab classes and more on their behalf. We believe in what we do. We work for our clients and nobody else. The end. #ShortVersion

Who We Are

The people who power No Need To Study so that you don’t need to study :P.

Oliver A. Warburg

Twice named by his universities alumni group in their top 30 under 30 lists Oliver has been tagged as of of the most important disrupters of the education field. At the age of 21 while working to get his BS, Olly started NoNeedToStudy.com. Olly is interested in statistical analysis with a focus on computational biology, health care and chemistry. He holds a BS and a PhD.

Andrea Haler McConnell
Co-founder/Classes Expert

Andrea oversees a team of 42 highly trained online class taking tutors. Her primary focus is making sure that our tutors are trained to take all new classes introduced to the market and that our tutors are familiar with the various class taking platforms. If you are a client who is pleased with the A+ you got on an online class we took for you Andrea is the one you ought to thank.

Jeffrey Collins
Operations Manager

Jeffrey has his focus squarely on making sure that NoNeedToStudy.com works efficiently, Jeff puts to good use his degree in organizational management to ensure that every part of No Need To Study is measured and analyzed to improve performance. He also makes awesome Vanilla Lattes that we’ve all gotten addicted to.

Kelly Seraphin
Writing Division Manager

Kelly is one of the world’s great Perl programmers before joining No Need To Study Kelly interned at and as an intern led (at the ripe old age of 17) development of predictive modeling, business simulation and analytical rating algorithms. She found her true calling in computational linguistics and now works to help our clients get perfect essays and academic papers they need.

What We Do

Services We Provide

At No Need To Study, about all we do is help clients when they find themselves in need of education assistance. Whether it is taking an online class, writing an essay, taking a test… Discover the many ways by which we help clients achieve alpha.

Services Overview

Take My Online Class

Our forte we're proud to say; No Need To Study offers unique expert services to clients who are enrolled to take classes online; if such students taking classes online find themselves unable or unwilling to study for and take classes-we do it for them.

Take My Online Class

Take My Test Or Exam

Quickly becoming one of our most sought after services; making use of our test help service, rather than study for and possibly risk failing for a test clients can have one of our experts take their online test for them. We guarantee you a great grade!

Take My Online Test

Our Philosophy

Inevitably all philosophies are merely justifications that allow us to keep doing what we feel like doing. So what is it that has driven us to become Americas largest and highest rated education assistance services provider? What of our ethos…

Ethos & Raison d'Étre

Services we are called on most to perform for our clients include

Academic Paper Writing & Editing

Students who find themselves under unrealistic deadlines quickly realize that No Need To Study’s academic paper writing and academic paper editing services are invaluable.

Learn About Academic Writing Help

Taking Classes Online For You

Have an online class that you can’t focus on, or just don’t have time to study? Then hire us to take your online class for you. We can take your class and guarantee you a grade.

Go To Class Help

Online Test Help

Online tests although convenient still aren’t perfect because they require you to study and take them, so what are you going to do? How about hiring an expert to take it for you?

Read About Our Test Taking Service

Writing Term Papers

You want to change the world, have a great social life, make friends, fall in love, sow your oats, have fun, win and make others envy you… Why waste time with term papers? Let us do that.

Make Love Not Term Papers

Write My Essay

Research has proven time and time again that no student has ever benefited from any essay they had to write for making grade. Hire us to write your essay, don't waste time. Life is finite.

Write My Essay

And A Couple More

MyMathLab, BlackBoard, College classes- we are very much a full service firm. If you’re studying it chances are we can take it. Helping students achieve their academic goals is what we do.

Exceed With No Need To Study

The crux of our company, the basics of what we do are simple: we help students who are facing difficult choices by making available to them options that will put them in charge. We do this by offering to clients experts who can help them with their education. With us, it is all about you-always will be. No Need To Study is a premium private educational assistance and class tutoring company. Our clients come from different schools and states, students who are enrolled in courses as varied as online psychology classes, online business classes, physics classes, economics, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, calculus, algebra, physical education, music and more depend on us to help them make grade and pass their classes. No Need To Study has a track record of over 5 years in delivering the best class taking solution for student who needed online classes taken, papers written, test taken, discussion boards done, quizzes taken, project work done. Students have come to us from every single state in America! We are based near New York City, New York – very much in the heart of the big apple. No Need To Study operates with a strict focus on assisting students in the US. We were founded in the year 2009 and have worked to create a premium service for students who don’t wish to take chances on Internet class taking services based out of developing countries offering poor service. Our specialty is online class help, work in this area has directly helped over 11,000 clients get phenomenal grades, all because we took their classes for them online. Students enrolled in courses with Straighterline, MymathLab and Colleges such as Michigan State, University of Nevada, Arizona State, Duke University, University of California and Harvard to name a few count on us as their partner in their academic career. Driving our services are some of the best brains in this business, all thinking about how to help you do better and faster-cheaper. For every class we assist students with, we have teams that possess expertise and experience geared to best achieve your objectives. In the end, no matter what we deliver to clients what they need, every time.

Our Clients

As the leaders in a robust marketplace we’d love nothing more than to say our clients are many different shapes and sizes but in reality our clients fit a very specific profile and demographic, they are all smart, intelligent, highly motivated and pragmatic students who instinctually realize that getting ahead in academia and in life requires them to analyze the rules and see which ones they can bend. They realize (rightfully so) that smart work is far more important than hard work, and that succeeding in life requires them to figure out and use every edge they can to their advantage. This leads them to No Need To Study – we’re the greatest edge an American student can have to get ahead in their academic career.

NoNeedToStudy.com Is No. 1!

If you are in need of experts whom you can count on to help you with your school needs then reach out - we are No. 1! Why deal with the rest when you can have the best?