Are you a client already working with us? Need support with one of the No Need To Study services that you’ve purchased? You’re in the right spot. Read our support articles and you’re likely to find answers to your support questions – we even have frequently asked questions neatly stacked with answers to them. Tried that, but still not finding out what you need to know? Reach out via live chat or call our customer support team (they WIN at customer support!).
Q: When Was No Need To Study founded?

A: The much loved (and sometimes much derided) firm that is now No Need To Study (or NNTS) traces its roots to University of California, Berkeley in 2007; where one of our cofounders, Andrea McConnell started a tutoring service then known as Berkley Trailblazers. McConnell then met up with our other founders, who were at MIT and Stanford, over the Internet. No Need To Study in its present form was started when our founders came together and incorporated our firm in 2009. At that point the Company expanded both in scope of service, number of employees, geographic coverage and became a full-service provider of online class help and academic assistance services with a growing presence throughout the United States.

Q: When was No Need To Study formed as a corporation, and in which state is it located?

A: No Need To Study, Inc. (formerly No Need To Study Academic Services.) was formed in 2007 and officially incorporated in Delaware on March 13 (boo), 2009. Our offices are located all throughout the United States.

Q: I am transferring an online class to you that I was having another firm take. Should I do something specific?

A: First thing we’d suggest you to do are to change your login passwords, usernames and associated email account passwords as soon as possible. Also, be sure to not mention to the firm you’re moving your account from that you’re hiring No Need To Study, just don’t do it! We have seen bad things happen. And, be sure to mention to our academic assistant that you’re moving your class to us and that it was previously with someone else. This will allow us to serve you best.

Q: Where is No Need To Study’s headquartered?


Our primary office is located at: No Need To Study, 25th Floor, 19 East 52nd Street, New York, NY 10022. United States.
Our corporate headquarters are at: No Need To Study, 119 McGaw Drive, Edison, NJ 08837.
Q: Read some *absolutely horrible* reviews about you guys, how do you expect me to hire you now? Should I go ahead and hire another competitor to help with my classes and essays?

A: Unfortunate, but the fact of the matter is that our competitors lose clients to us and they leave those reviews. As an ethically and morally prudent firm, we don’t do that. Rest assured, we are honest brokers who focus on providing actual value to all of our customers. 19,000 people will agree with us and say we’ve done right by them. Trust us on this now, start working with us and you’ll know we’re not bad people at all (quite unlike the competitors who typed up those horrible, fabrications. Just think what they’d do to you?).

Q: Does No Need To Study have a client confidentiality policy?

A: Yes, we have a robust client confidentiality policy that holds us liable (written by an actual law firm). We wish to ensure that every client has a pleasant and productive working relationship with No Need To Study to make that happen we have strict standards when it comes to client confidentiality.

Q: The data that I entrust with No Need To Study, what happens to it?

A: We call up the NSA and transfer all client data to them after a period of 21 days (lol, got you!). Securing your information is very important to us; our business has thrived allowing us to become the world’s largest online class help and academic assistance provider because we value the relationships we have with our clients, also because we fundamentally believe we’re doing something good. Regardless, all client data we temporarily retain is accessible only by multi-factor logins, custom generated encryption certificates, entire disk encryption policies, routine data salting and data masking even of data backups we do all this with the highest standards. When a specific project for a client is concluded we erase all data we hold about the client (including but not limited to- emails and phone records) within a period of 5 days. Data destruction that is done in accordance to DoD 5220.22-M standards. So you could say… Your data goes to data heaven.

Q: I have had some poor experience with having other firms take my classes for me, and assist with my education. Is No Need To Study good as the hype? Can you deliver better than others?

A: Well, not to toot our own horn but we are the largest, most powerful and most written about online class help and academic service in America for a reason. We do right by our clients, every time. We deliver to them what we’ve promised. And the very few times our clients felt they didn’t get exactly that, we take 0 payments. That’s how we do it. We don’t know any other way of doing things than with integrity. As 19,000 happy clients will attest, try it with us once and you will never go to another firm or have to worry about your education for that matter.

Q: I am being asked for payment upfront. What the ‘ell is this?

A: In very specific situations when our system detects a particular request from a new client, our system may ask you to pay upfront for your class. In such situations, you No Need To Study academic assistant too will insist on a start-work payment. This is so that we don’t fall victim to fraud and especially so that fraud doesn’t lead our system to lower our quality standards. Our algorithms work taking in to consideration many factors, so if you’re a client who feels we’ve flagged you by accident, let us know and we will work with you to find you a solution that works for you.

Q: I can’t even follow my online class. How is it that you can claim you guarantee awesome grades when you take my class?

A: Yes, we guarantee you your grade. And if we don’t deliver then it will cost you nothing. That’s just how we do business, you get what you want or you don’t pay. We can guarantee great grades because our class takers, academic assistants and tutors are not just smart but because they have taken the classes you need taken many times before- practice makes perfect so they’re able to deliver each time without fail. And we’re sort of confident in their ability to keep doing so.

Q: How do I avail your services?

A: For user convenience we have commoditized our products and made them available over our shop as products. So if there is some specific class, course or assignment you’d like No Need To Study’s help with you should check out our products. If you can’t find something there that fits your needs then you should reach out and request a quote, we’ll get back to you and then once you green light the quote we provide with the custom help you need. Is No. 1!

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