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Calculus is one of those subjects that that a student will absolutely never, ever be able to learn if they lack a natural interest in it. How that natural interest is comes about is inexplicable, but it is without a doubt integral to being able to learn calculus, whether in a self-paced online class setting or in college classes. You may get your placement test done, your aptitude measures checked and get in to a program you think you will be good at. The fact of the matter is, as long as you a are short on that instinctual interest in the Calculus class you’re taking and as long as Calculus is a subject that you feel you will have no use for, as a student, you are not going to have any success at all in your Calculus class; in fact all that you’ll end up with is endless frustration and all round desperation for being forced to learn a subject that is difficult you to comprehend let alone master. That tension is liable to spillover in to other parts of your life as well. But why is Calculus a required component in so many courses? From professional courses where the people taking them are already rather competent in their skill sets to certifications and university classes, the important of Calculus has been accepted and promoted from the top down clearly without anyone having given much thought as to why most of the students being forced to take it would ever need Calculus expertise. The whole concept of math anxiety is a fallacy. Most students who are in Calculus classes quite simply don’t need to be taking them.

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